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Alan Hack and Rob Coven bring together the unique vision of seasoned professionals in both the Domain name and internet marketing world and the cultural and linguistic world of the Latino / Hispanic community.  Together our synergy of business and life experience provides a unique talent pool to help bring the Spanish language marketing revolution to our colleagues and clients. For those with vision there is uncommon opportunity.

Alan Hack

SPanish Language Domains

Alan Hack is the President of Names Plus Marketing and is a strategic adviser to Market To Latinos, LLC. He is a business development consultant, internet domain name expert and professional coach who helps business owners and professionals increase their productivity and profitability using technology and the Internet.

Alan has 20+ years of experience in the acquisition, sales and marketing of Internet domain names. He has been involved in hundreds of domain name transactions including several high six figure and seven figure single domain name transactions. He assists clients in securing and properly utilizing domain names that are strongly positioned for search engine recognition, intuitive online discovery, integrative marketing and business development. He is also a sales and marketing expert with more than 35 years of experience creating and implementing successful sales and marketing campaigns. He is known as a tremendous networker, strategic alliance builder and exceptional personal and professional coach with a unique talent for bringing the best contacts and resources needed to develop or expand a business.  He is passionate about assisting clients in maximizing their personal and professional growth as well as the growth of their businesses.

Rob Coven

SPanish Language Domains

Rob Coven is a consultant bridging the marketing and business divide between the English and Spanish speaking worlds. Rob began studying Spanish and connecting to the Spanish speaking community in 1984.  Rob has lived and traveled extensively in Latin America spending the majority of 1998-2007 living, working and starting a family there. Rob is also a domain name expert who has been researching and understanding the value of strategic Internet domain names since 1999.Rob is known for his vast business and life experience which has led him to many uncommonly traveled destinations in Latin America.