Profile of the U.S. Spanish Speaker Online : A Vote For Spanish Language Website Content

July 11, 2013

This post was originally posted on Jack Myers

U.S. Latinos on the InternetSpanish language is key in attracting and leading to action of Spanish speaking internet users here in the U.S.  Language represents a strong connection to culture and should play an important role in marketing messages. Among Spanish-preferred it goes without saying that ads in Spanish are critical. What is surprising is that it is also important to bilingual and English-preferred Latinos. Advertising in Spanish makes them feel their culture is respected and they are more loyal to those advertisers.

When we compare the demographic profile of Spanish-preferred and bilingual Latinos to the overall Hispanic online population they are relatively the same. Spanish-preferred and bilingual households are slightly larger and income is slightly less. Similar to the over market, they make purchases online, 54% made an online purchase in the past year and spent an average of $707.
The profile of the Spanish-preferred and bilingual adult Hispanic Internet user is as follows:

HHC Group Shot, staff headshots (Photos: SHana Sureck)

  • 51% Male/49% Female
  • 36 years old
  • 52% married
  • Hhld size of 4.1 (38% 5+ persons)
  • 66% have children and 20% 3 or more
  • Household income of $71K
  • 68% are employed (23% live in hhlds with 3+ employed adults)
  • 38% have at least 1 year of college (17% graduated College+)
  • 56% own a home
  • 57% were born outside the U.S.
  • 60% Mexican
  • 40% U.S. residents for 10+ years

Most importantly to marketers, Spanish-preferred and bilingual Hispanics are more receptive to online advertising. Not only do they click on ads more frequently, but also more frequently internet ads lead to purchase. Furthermore, online advertising influences offline behavior: they over index substantially in visiting travel agencies (221), visiting automotive dealerships (166), visiting a bank (162) and attending an entertainment event (153) and going on a job interview (153) after seeing an online ad.

Hispanic sites deliver on engagement and hard to move persuasion metrics

Latinos in the U.S. 2Spanish-preferred and bilingual Latinos do visit mass market sites such as Google and Yahoo! What is interesting is their level of engagement with Hispanic focused sites. They show 10 to 18 times the level of engagement on Hispanic focused sites as they do general market sites. They spend more days online, visit more frequently, visit more pages, and spend more time on Hispanic focused sites. The IAB Hispanic Committee reasons that this is because Hispanic focused sites are more relevant and provide content that cannot be found elsewhere.

Moreover, in a study conducted by Dynamic Logic for ad effectiveness, Spanish-preferred and bilingual Latinos are even more persuaded by ads on Hispanic focused sites. When comparing effectiveness on Hispanic focus sites versus general market sites, advertisements on Hispanic focused sites outperformed on every key metric: aided brand awareness, online ad awareness, message association, brand favorability, and purchase intent/consideration.

Source: Jack Myers and